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  • Are you a certified survival swim instructor?
    YES! Cadlyn and Darcey are both certified through PediaSwim as survival swim instructors. There are numerous organizations you can be certified through. PediaSwim is based in Winter Garden, Florida. Cadlyn and Darcey were both trained by Joy McGinty, founder of PediaSwim. Cadlyn and Darcey both return to Florida each year for continued training and to keep their skills sharp.
  • How old does my swimmer have to be to begin lessons?
    We recommend swimmers be walking or close to walking before beginning lessons. Swimmers may begin lessons earlier with instructor approval.
  • What ages do you teach?
    We offer lessons for all ages! We want to make sure everyone in your family is water safe. We offer a variety of lesson options so that swimmers are able to progress in their skills in the water. If you have specific questions or needs for swim lessons please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.
  • How long are lessons?
    Our basic training lessons are 10 minutes or 15 minutes based on age. Our small groups and stroke lessons vary in length also based on age. Our lesson structure focuses on mastering survival swim skills, not just basic water acclimation. You will see that our lesson time is spent focusing on building the appropriate skills. While some of the lesson times may seem like a short amount of time, our lessons are designed to offer an individualized lesson of solid instruction while maintaining your swimmers attention span. Shorter lessons allow us to end instruction time with swimmers feeling positive about accomplishments without feeling fatigue. Short, consistent lessons are key in allowing your child to retain and master their skills in weeks, not months of lessons.
  • What will the first week of lessons look like?
    Our focus during week one is teaching your swimmer basic breath control, how to find the wall, and introducing proper swimming positions (facedown with forward movement through the water). Our goal is safe, confident swimmers who are able to problem solve in the water.
  • Are you going to throw my child in the water?
    No. Our focus is happy confident swimmers. We will never throw a swimmer into the water. Videos that you watch of our swimmers wearing clothes or rolling to their back to float are swimmers that have completed their basic training and have mastered their skills.
  • How long will my child need to take lessons?
    Every child progresses at a different rate. New swimmers, 4 years and younger, in our Basic training program generally require 4-6 weeks of consecutive lessons to master their skills. Lessons are 4 days per week taught consecutively. Swimmers age 5 years and older generally require 2-3 weeks of consecutive lessons to master their skills. Once swimmers have mastered their basic survival swim skills, being able to float on their back independently and roll to an independent float, they will advance to groups and/or stroke lessons. Groups and stroke lesson allow children to continue to develop their swim skills.
  • But what if my swimmer cries?
    Swimmers may cry during their first lessons. Swimmers may continue to cry after several lessons. Children need an opportunity to build trust with their instructor. As a parent you set the tone for your child during lessons, and they absolutely know that crying pulls at your heart strings. Imagine if every time you buckled your child in their carseat and they cried your response was " Ok, never mind you don't have to be buckled in". Be their biggest cheerleader! Tell them how amazing they are and how proud you are of them. Remember, you want them to be safe and have a respect for the water. You are truly giving them skills that could save their life.
  • Do you offer make-up lessons?
    We do not offer make-up lessons. Due to the fact that the success of the basic training sessions are the daily consecutive lessons there are no extra days in the week for make-up lessons. If you are not able to make your specific time slot one day and we have a different time slot open that day we are more than happy to move your lesson for the day. If lessons are cancelled by Cowboy Swim Academy due to weather, facility or instructor issues, we will either re-schedule lessons or credit that lesson on your account.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No we do not offer refunds. Deposits for basic training can be rolled to a later session within a 6 month timeframe. Small group and stroke lessons are billed monthly. There are no refunds available.
  • What do we need to bring to lessons?
    A bathing suit and a towel is all that you will need for lessons. Parents are not in the water with their swimmer unless specified by the instructor for a specific lesson. If your swimmer is not potty-trained they are required to wear a swim diaper. We require the re-usable swim diapers due to the fact that they provide a better seal around your child in case of an accident. If your child is in small group or stroke lessons and wears goggles they may bring those to their lessons.
  • Can I take photos or videos?
    You are more than welcome to take photos and videos of your swimmer during lessons. Please be respectful of other swimmers and only take photos and videos of your individual swimmer.
  • Are we allowed to stay and watch during lessons?
    YES! You are always welcome to stay and watch during lessons. Please keep in mind that if your swimmer is still trying to develop trust and a relationship with their instructor it may be best if you are not in your child'd direct line of sight.
  • Are you able to come to our pool to teach lessons?
    Unfortunately at this time we do not travel to individual pools to teach lessons. There are not enough hours in the day for us to travel and teach our lessons.
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